Ghana today offers so much for culture-seekers, adventurists and new heritage discoverers with a metropolitan beach capital amidst a natural landscape steeped in world history and African culture.

After hosting countless informal groups of friends - we realised that we were uniquely positioned to share an insider’s view of Ghana, so our business was born. Founded by cousins Sarah and Agyeiwaa Pepera our aim is to host culturally-enriching trips, and authentic experiences in Ghana. We are both based in Accra full-time having worked in Luxury events and hospitality in the UK, Monaco and beyond. We can’t wait to share our home country with you.

All are welcome, and as we say here “Ghana Loves You!”

DNAfrica Exclusive

We’ve curated some experiences that are exclusive to DNAfrica to bring you something new whether you’re just visiting or a local. Look out for this icon alongside the description for…

Ghanaian Culture & Arts

Experiences with this icon are designed to bring you closer to Ghanaian and West African culture and The Arts.


Visit some of Ghana’s more than 500km of golden sand beaches on these experiences.


Perfect for foodies, these Culinary experiences will give you a chance to get a taste of Ghana.


Take the opportunity to indulge in a little bit of luxury - we’ve created these experiences for you to enjoy some of Ghana’s finest.

Elements of Unforgettable Experiences


Enjoy the tranquil waters of Ghana’s lakes. Perfect for rest and relaxation or water sports.


Submerge yourself in the sounds of the local music scene and enjoy unforgettable moments with live music.


Witness traditional spirituality on these experiences that will help demystify Voodoo and traditional religion.


Get off the beaten track and get active in your surroundings, connecting with Ghana in body and mind.


Tour some of the key sites of interest in Accra and beyond, including listed UNESCO World Heritage sites.


Explore Ghana’s natural sites and reconnect with the outdoors.


Whether you’re bringing your own party, or joining one with us - these are sure to be a good time.


This is a chance to learn about the rich history of Ghana and this region of Africa from locals and experts.


If that’s all that you need - this is the one to book.

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